The Application of Green Propulsion for Future Space

31 July - 1 August 2014

Location: Cleveland Medical Mart & Convention Center, Cleveland, Ohio
Held in conjunction with:
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Liquid propulsion systems are critical to launch vehicle and spacecraft performance, and mission success. This two-day course, taught by a team of international experts, will focus on the movement to green propulsion for a range of spacecraft applications. Topics include a brief history of hypergols; what is considered green and what is driving the green propulsion movement; figures of merit and lessons learned in the development of green propellants; flight experience and applications for the various classes of satellites; and challenges for current and future green thrusters and systems.

Key Topics
  • History of Storables
  • What is Green and What is Driving the Green Movement 
  • Green Propellants 
  • Green Flight Experience 
  • Applications of Green Propulsion

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for engineers and managers involved in liquid propulsion component and system design, development, analysis, program management, contracts or certification for flight.