Inside Six Degrees of Freedom Aerospace Simulations Webinar

20 August 2014

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Six Degrees of Freedom simulations are the closely held prerogative of experts and often an enigma to the uninitiated engineer. In this 90 minute webinar we will give you a look under the hood and reveal some of the key features of aerospace simulations.

Peter Zipfel will share with you the steps leading from mathematical modeling to code implementation. You will be exposed to the six degrees of freedom equations of motions; aerodynamic models of missiles and aircraft; their propulsion, autopilot, guidance, and navigation subsystems; and performance evaluation.

Though this webinar presents only a thumbprint of high fidelity simulations, Dr. Zipfel will give you tips and suggestions on how to become an expert, by sharing his experiences and publications that he has acquired from over fifty years with the U.S. Army, Air Force, and the University of Florida.

To get started you will be given access to five 6 degrees of freedom prototype simulations in C++ and FORTRAN. Less...

Key Topics



  • Features of 6 DoF simulations
  • Missiles, aircraft, hypersonic vehicles
  • Aerodynamics, propulsion, autopilot, guidance, seekers, INS/GPS
  • Monte Carlo techniques
  • Integration of differential equations
  • Computer programming of 6 DoF