11 September 2017
The Miami Herald reported that a team led by Oregon State University-Cascades Engineering Professor Dr. Chris Hagen has developed a prototype hybrid UAV engine viable for “smalls,” or UAVs weighting less than 55 pounds, “in what could be a significant development in drone technology.” Oregon State University Research Compliance Coordinator Mark Peters said that the project “brings a concept proven in hybrid vehicles and larger aircraft and miniaturizes it,” opening the door to “extending and enhancing the usability of small rotorcraft in research, search and rescue and all those different applications that are restrained by a battery pack.” The team used a 2.75 horsepower “one-cylinder, two-stroke” 3W28i engine “commonly used in radio-controlled aircraft” as the base for their system, which they harnessed to a generator and batteries. The team said that their UAV is the first of its type with a documented flight time of over an hour, and has attracted attention from possible users. (Image Credit: NASA)
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