13 November 2017
CBS News reports that an Orbital ATK Antares rocket successfully launched early Sunday, a day after initially planned. A launch attempt on Saturday “was aborted at the last minute when a small airplane strayed into the no-fly zone below the rocket’s planned trajectory.” The rocket is carrying a Cygnus cargo ship, and is expected to reach the ISS Tuesday with “nearly 7,400 pounds of equipment and supplies.” The cargo ship also is bearing two small cubesats which will launched from the ISS’ Kibo module in December. Once unloaded, the Cygnus will test a new docking port, as well as “whether visiting spacecraft might interfere with [the] station’s ability to receive Global Positioning System navigation signals.” It then will be packed with “several tons of space station trash and no-longer-needed equipment” and plunged into the atmosphere to burn up over the Pacific Ocean.  The Washington Post includes a video of the launch in its coverage.
(Image Credit: NASA/Tony Gray & Tim Terry)
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