30 May 2018
The Daily Mail (UK) reports that a British police UAV operator had to steer his unmanned aircraft “away from the path of an F-15 fighter jet travelling at nearly 520mph.” The Devon and Cornwall officer “was convinced there would be a collision” when the fighter “came into view and then banked right above Throwleigh, Devon” on January 16. Britain’s Airporx Board looks into near-miss incidents, and “reported the 13lbs device was flying at an altitude of around 300ft when the pilot heard a fast jet approaching.” According to the report, the officer “descended the drone as quickly as possible.” The pilot and his weapons systems operator “did not see the black drone which had four rotor arms and LED lights.” The police officer told investigators that he had followed “a stringent set of procedures” before flying the DJI Matrice UAV. The report suggests that police operators could make use of the “Centralised Aviation Data System (CADS) which provides real time information about military and other flights.”  (Image: McDonnell Douglas F-15C-35-MC Eagle. Credit: USAF | Wikipedia)
More Info (Daily Mail)