18 June 2018
The AP reported that Peggy Whitson, “NASA’s record-breaking astronaut,” retired Friday “less than a year after returning from her last and longest spaceflight.” Whitson has spent more time in space “than any other American: 665 days over three space station missions.” Whitson completed 10 spacewalks during her tenure, the most of any American; was the “first woman to command the International Space Station, holding the position twice”; and was “the oldest woman ever to fly in space.” Whitson is also the only woman to have “served as chief of NASA’s male-dominated astronaut corps.” In a statement, Johnson Space Center Director of Flight Operations Brian Kelly said that Whitson “set the highest standards for human spaceflight operations, as well as being an outstanding role model for women and men in America and across the globe.” (Image Credit: NASA)
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