16 July 2018
The Wichita Business Journal reported that a team of Boeing Company and US Air Force personnel have “cleared the final flight tests required for first delivery of the KC-46A Pegasus tanker.” The first delivery of the tanker is planned for “late October, and will go to McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita.” According to Air Force Service Acquisition Director Will Roper, with the milestone the “test program has demonstrated a level of maturity that positions Boeing to deliver, and the Air Force to accept, an aircraft by the end of October 2018.” The tests involving the aircraft’s “Remote Vision System and receiver certifications of the F-16 Fighting Falcon and C-17 Globemaster combine with previous testing activity to achieve the minimum flight testing requirements for first delivery.” The KC-46A program will now move to “additional receiver aircraft testing and certifications for operational testing to begin in 2019.”  (Image: KC-46 aerial refueling tanker. Credit: Christopher Okula | US Air Force, Public Domain)
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