17 August 2018
Florida Today reports that Lockheed Martin’s Space Team offered a rare glimpse into the company’s “vision of a deep space lunar habitat that would be a key component of a space gateway” Thursday. The proposed gateway would serve as a “floating spaceport for space vehicles leaving earth on missions to deep space.” Lockheed is among six companies developing lunar module proposals for NASA approval as part of the agency’s NextSTEP contract. The Lockheed Donatello module was created several years ago, and was originally intended to transfer cargo to the ISS aboard the space shuttle. NASA plans to evaluate the prototypes in early 2019. According to Lockheed Martin Space Advanced Programs Director Tony Antonelli, NASA will evaluate whether astronauts could live, work, and operate “from inside our habitat module.” Lockheed may have an advantage due to the company’s role “as prime contractor for NASA’s Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle.” (Image Credit: NASA)
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