6 September 2018
In a video, Bloomberg News interviews Lockheed Martin CTO Keoki Jackson on the company’s efforts to develop new UAV hardware and software systems. Jackson details partnerships with “Nvidia and the Drone Racing League,” arguing that “we’re raising the bar there and we’re raising the excitement level.” Jackson describes Lockheed’s development of “edge computing” to seek UAV systems that can navigate courses entirely on their own. Lockheed has challenged others in the industry to develop similar systems that would allow UAVs to beat human pilots on UAV racing courses. Jackson sees this kind of UAV technology as having applications to meet “mission challenges” in “difficult environments” such as outer space, arguing that “autonomy and AI, sensors, machine learning, quantum information sciences, these are the technologies that are going to bring the next advances to these mission capabilities.” (Image: A pilot flies a small racing drone through an obstacle course on Governors Island, New York Harbor, Friday, 5 Aug. 2016. Credit: Associated Press–©)
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