17 September 2018
The AP reported on the use of UAVs in emergency situations, saying many local EMS, firefighting departments, and others have purchased UAS as a new tool for disaster response. The AP explained that “what was once viewed as a toy has turned out to be useful in a variety of industries, from emergency agencies to real estate brokers and even farmers.” Regulation has followed, although “right now there are gray areas in the industry when it comes to personal use. But professional use is more regulated.” The head of Tennessee-based UAV Coach, Lana Axelrod, said, “FAA has authority over air space...but people are worried about privacy. Nobody wants (a drone) in their backyard. It’s never a bad idea...to talk to your neighbor...and explain what you’re doing.” (Image: An engineer flies a DJI Phantom 3 drone. Credit: Associated Press–©)
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