1 October 2018
The Washington Post reported that a US Marine F-35B Lightning II crashed Friday morning near Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort in South Carolina, the “first crash of an F-35 aircraft in the 17 year history of the high-profile fighter jet program.” The Marine Corps did not “give a suspected cause for the crash, saying the incident remained under investigation.” In a statement, the Marines said the pilot “safely ejected from the single-seat aircraft” and “there were no civilian injuries.” An anonymous US military official “said the Marine Corps initially classified the crash as a Class A mishap, which is defined as an incident resulting in the complete destruction of the plane, more than $2 million in damage or the fatality or permanent total disability of the crew.” (Image: USMC F-35B Lightning II. Credit: Samuel King, U.S. Air Force | Wikimedia Commons)
More Info (Washington Post)