3 May 2013
Vehicle Achieved Sustained Flight at Hypersonic Speeds

AIAA congratulates the X-51A Waverider Team for its successful test of the X-51A Waverider vehicle.

“Congratulations to the entire X-51 team on their tremendously successful flight,” stated Mark J. Lewis, former president of AIAA, and chairman of the AIAA Foundation. “Their near-flawless test was an amazing accomplishment, showing us that sustained air breathing hypersonic flight is not only possible, but practical. The X-51 program has advanced our knowledge and understanding of nearly every aspect of high-Mach vehicles, from fundamental understanding of materials, aerodynamics, and combustion, to the practical aspects of vehicle design, and has been a marvel of interagency-industry cooperation. Hopefully our nation will have the wisdom to build on this aviation milestone and continue the quest for operational hypersonic flight.”

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