27 August 2013
The wildfire raging in Northern California can be seen from space. ISS astronaut Karen Nyberg took an image of the Yosemite wildfire from her post aboard the International Space Station on Saturday, 24 August. "Our orbit took us directly over California's Rim Fire about an hour ago Devastating August 26," Nyberg wrote on her Twitter account, @AstroKarenN. The fire, which started 17 Aug., has burned more than 149,000 acres of land. Astronauts aboard the ISS have spotted wildfires before. In June 2012, a wildfire in Colorado that consumed 15,517 acres of land was photographed from a window of the orbiting laboratory, and in 2011 a wildfire burning in Texas was seen by astronauts onboard the outpost. (Image Credit: Karen Nyberg, NASA)
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