4 October 2013
While the FAA has received a report from an advisory panel on the use of electronic devices in-flight, it cannot move forward until the U.S. government shutdown has been resolved. According to an FAA statement the staff that would advise the administrator on this report are furloughed. The federal shutdown and furlough of 15,000 FAA employees are having detrimental effects on the National Airspace System and may derail some NextGen initiatives. The FAA has shut down the Airmen and Aircraft Registry in Oklahoma City, meaning that there will be no sales or deliveries of commercial aircraft during the shutdown. In addition, DOT says that development, operational testing, and evaluation of NextGen technologies as well as development of NextGen safety standards have been suspended during the shutdown. Meanwhile, air traffic controllers are working but are not getting paid. (Image Credit: Lufthansa/Wunderman)
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