12 December 2013
According to an NTSB report released Wednesday, the captain flying the Asiana Airlines flight that crashed in San Francisco in July told investigators the approach for landing was “very stressful” and he thought the plane’s automatic throttle was always working. The report was released as the NTSB opened a day-long hearing in Washington, DC to explore the crash that killed three passengers and injured 180 on 6 July. Asiana Flight 214 struck a seawall and slammed into the runway, severing its tail section and scattering wreckage.  The investigation has focused on whether the automatic throttles were working properly and how closely the Asiana pilots were monitoring their altitude and speed during the landing. Meanwhile, during Wednesday's hearing, representatives of the Boeing Co. stressed that safety is ultimately the responsibility of the pilots, not automated flight systems. (Image Credit: The Washington Post)
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