14 March 2014
For two hours this evening, NASA and the National Geographic Channel will provide viewers with a live look behind the scenes, both aboard the International Space Station and with the ground team at Mission Control that watches over the crew and station systems. As the ISS soars 260 miles above the Earth, Astronauts Rick Mastracchio of NASA and Koichi Wakata, the first Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency station commander, will provide viewers a guided tour of the space station. Former astronaut and AIAA Executive Director Sandy Magnus said, “It’s important that NASA do things like this because [NASA] is funded by the taxpayer and part of that mission is to let taxpayers know what we’re doing with their money. ... Space stations are a little bit more remote [than shuttle launches] and it’s harder for people to relate to it because it is just up there going around and around and around.” The pair, who arrived at the space station on 7 Nov. along with Russian Cosmonaut Mikhail Tyurin, are scheduled to remain aboard the station until mid-May as part of the crew of Expedition 39. (Image Credit: NASA)
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