14 May 2014
Cooperation in space between the U.S. and Russia could be ‘in jeopardy,’ according to a report issued yesterday that says Russia will no longer send astronauts to the ISS after 2020. Just ahead of the return of three astronauts, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin issued Russia’s intent to leave the partnership, saying the U.S. is an “unreliable partner” for “politicizing everything.” He added Russia’s segment “can exist independently of the American one, but the American segment cannot exist on its own without the Russian one.” Rogozin also said that Russia will not sell the U.S. any Russian RD-180 engines unless they are used only for non-military launches. United Launch Alliance’s Atlas V rocket currently uses those engines. So far, NASA is downplaying Rogozin’s statement, reportedly saying that so far NASA has not received any word of Russia’s intentions. (Image Credit: NASA)
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