4 June 2014
At the 224th American Astronomical Society meeting, the new non-profit BoldlyGo is expected to announce a project to send a robotic mission to Mars and return samples to Earth, as well as a new space telescope mission for the post-Hubble era. The group has an experienced board of directors, including Jon Morse, former director of Astrophysics at NASA, Laurie Leshin, former deputy associate administrator of Exploration Systems at NASA headquarters as well as a member of the Curiosity rover team, and AIAA Fellow Steven Battel, president of Battel Engineering, among others. Morse said he founded the group because of flat budgets at NASA, so there is a place for private space science programs to bring "transformative" discoveries. It is anticipated that BoldlyGo will develop discovery or probe class exploration missions, beyond the price-range of research organizations and universities. (Image Credit: Wikimedia)
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