16 June 2014
UAV enthusiasts are eager for the federal government to come up with some common-sense rules that can keep pace with the rapidly evolving technology. But, the FAA remains strict on its current guidelines. A spokesman for the FAA said one of its major qualms with personal UAVs is that “they could potentially interfere with an already crowded airspace if not properly regulated.” Personal UAVs currently may be purchased and legally operated only for hobby or recreational purposes, while all potential commercial operations must have a certified aircraft, a licensed pilot and approval from the FAA. Reports from the Department of Transportation and the Government Accountability Office said the FAA is behind schedule to open up the airspace for drone or Unmanned Aerial Systems use in the U.S. Although Congress mandated a 2015 deadline back in 2012, of the 17 UAS initiatives the FAA laid out in its timeline, DOT found that only eight were completed and not a single one on time. (Image Credit: Wikipedia)
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