1 July 2014
If Gen William L. Shelton decides to tell war stories after his September retirement, those stories are likely to focus on the White House and Congress more than on China or Russia. Much of Shelton’s time since becoming commander of Air Force Space Command in January 2011 has been spent coping with the impacts of the U.S. budgetary impasse. Shelton and his staff managed to fit most of the command’s 2013 technology plan into a budget squeezed by sequestration cuts. Shelton suggested that if the automatic cuts happen again in 2016, his successor Lt Gen John Hyten could have no choice but to cut “hardcore capability,” something Shelton compares to “literally choosing among your children.” Shelton spoke by phone with Aerospace America Editor-in-Chief Ben Iannotta after the annual Space Symposium in Colorado Springs. (Image Credit: AIAA)
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