8 July 2014
Florida Today reported that three years after Atlantis launched on the final shuttle mission, the astronauts on that mission – Chris Ferguson, Doug Hurley, Rex Walheim, and Sandy Magnus – expressed optimism about how NASA has progressed recently. Hurley, assistant director for New Programs in NASA’s Flight Crew Operations Directorate, said recently that the Orion capsule’s upcoming test flight and commercial crew progress show that NASA is “getting serious, really serious now, and we’re getting close” to more missions. Magnus, now AIAA executive director, saw “steady progress,” adding, “All of the really interesting, creative stuff is going on right now, and it’s happening behind the scenes.” Magnus said, “If people had a window into it, I think they’d be fascinated. ... We have a plan right now, we’ve got momentum in the plan, and we need to stay the course.” (Image Credit: NASA)
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