12 August 2014
Space News, in its coverage of AIAA SPACE 2014, reported that Mark Geyer, NASA’s Orion program manager, said that the spacecraft’s “notional December 2017 launch date” to “lunar space” may be delayed because of the ESA, which is trying to adapt its Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) into a service module for Orion. Geyer said, “They’re finalizing their contract in September with Airbus, and they have challenges on the schedule that we are negotiating with them on what that means for me. ... We’re going to finalize their delivery date probably by the end of this month.” Meanwhile Todd May, NASA’s SLS program manager, said that the SLS, which will launch Orion, is on track for the 2017 date. (Image: A model of the Orion Service Module on display at AIAA SPACE 2014. Credit: AIAA)
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