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    FAQ for DirectTech On-Demand - Online Course & Tutorial Publishing

    1. What is “DirectTech On-Demand”?
      Answer: A library of educational video recordings - Webinars, Forums content, or other stream-able content. Also included are self-paced tutorials and self-paced full online courses. The learner purchases and streams the video content from their AIAA Classroom at

    2. Will DirectTech On-Demand library content be offered for sale?
      Answer: Yes. All DirectTech On-Demand content will be available for sale on the AIAA website. In most cases, there will be discounts for AIAA Members and additional discounts for AIAA Student Members.

    3. Why should I publish my online course or tutorial with AIAA?
      • Whether it’s a book, journal article, or an online course, publishing with AIAA – the leading industry aerospace publisher - furthers your reputation and credibility as a subject matter expert among peers and employers
      • AIAA’s purpose is to ignite and celebrate aerospace ingenuity and collaboration, and its importance to our way of life. Publishing educational content online allows you to share your expertise and knowledge with a global audience and to be part of our vital mission.
      • Flexible online delivery provides a platform for you to showcase the latest developments at shorter lengths and to educate others on important emerging issues and technologies.
      • Publishing online with AIAA is also an opportunity for cross-promotion with short courses, books, etc.

    4. What is the instructor compensation for publishing a self-recorded, self-developed course or tutorial?
      Answer: AIAA partners with expert instructors by providing a royalty-structured payment on all sales of online courses, similar to arrangements with book authors. If desired, instructors can choose to donate any royalties to their Technical Committee.

    5. Is there minimum course or tutorial length that will be considered for publishing?
      Answer: Any educational content containing over an hour’s worth of material will be considered for publication.

    6. How do I submit a proposal and how are Online Courses and Tutorials vetted and selected?
      Answer: To be considered, you will need to complete the proposal form and submit it to Jason Cole, AIAA Education Manager, at It will be reviewed by the relevant group and/or technical community within AIAA. If the Online Course or Tutorial proposal is approved, you will be contacted about entering into a publishing agreement. Publishing online courses and tutorials will be based on technical relevance to the aerospace profession, quality of the material, quality of the audio/video, and alignment to AIAA’s educational and strategic goals.

    7. Do videos need to be full video lectures starring me, or are recorded slides/audio acceptable?
      Answer: Both delivery modalities are acceptable, as long as the content and presentation are of quality production and are engaging to online learners.

    8. Is there a standard template I should be using for my content development?
      Answer: Ideally, yes. All recorded slides/audio should use the standard AIAA DirectTech On-Demand template for newly developed slides. However, if you have existing slides, they are not required to be retrofitted into the template.

    9. Does my content need to be fully developed before submitting a proposal?
      Answer: No. As long as you have a topic, outline, and learning objectives, you can submit a proposal and include the timeframe during which you would expect to have the course or tutorial content complete and recorded.

    10. Is the On-Demand content only videos?
      Answer: No. In addition to the required videos, downloadable supplemental materials may also be included – examples are lecture notes, handouts, PDFs of lecture slides, practice quizzes/tests with answers, audio files, zipped software, etc. Anything that helps facilitate the learning process is encouraged.

    11. I have course slides in PowerPoint or Keynote, but I’m not sure how to record them to add narration and turn into a video.
      Answer: There are a number of methods and software that you can use. Here are some simple instructions for one of those methods of Converting a Presentation to a Video Lecture.

    12. What online platform is currently used to deliver the DirectTech On-Demand Content?
      Answer: AIAA has made an investment in the Abilia Freestone Learning Management System (LMS), which includes a robust online streaming interface linked to the learner’s account. (This delivery platform is subject to change.)

    13. Can I get a preview of the current online delivery platform?
      Answer: Yes, please see the following screenshots:

    14. As an instructor, will I be able to interact with students that register to take my self-paced online course?
      Answer: We anticipate members utilizing our new website to foster discussions ranging from emerging technologies to online educational courses and topics. While not required, instructors may or may not choose to foster or participate in discussions around their courses and/or books.

    15. How will these Webinars be marketed and to whom?
      Answer: AIAA will market our DirectTech On-Demand library extensively through its channels. Published Courses and Tutorials will be promoted to a world-wide audience, with targeted marketing by interest code. Instructors are highly encouraged to promote within their communities and networks as well.

    16. Why is offering online Continuing Education so important to AIAA?
      Answer: With shrinking training budgets and a more limited ability for professionals to travel, online Continuing Education offers the most efficient method of delivering great training to a global audience and furthering our mission in Shaping the Future of Aerospace.