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    Dan DumbacherFellow AIAA Members:

    This year we are celebrating “Engineers: Invent Amazing” during Engineers Week from 17 February to 23 February.

    There are few events more amazing than the Wright Brothers taking flight or the first moon landing 50 years ago this year. At the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) we celebrate amazing engineers every day.

    This is an exciting time in our industry—on-demand mobility has the very real potential to change how we get around on Earth, while new, more powerful rockets are being built to transport us back to the moon and beyond. Engineers are transforming aviation once again and space exploration is being energized by private enterprise. Engineers are pushing boundaries in speed, safety, and efficiency and turning ideas into life-changing realities.

    We need the next generation of engineers to continue to make this happen. This will enhance our lives and our economic well-being. Please reach out to your community to share your talents and bring the engineering profession’s renowned sense of discovery to young people. Inspire others to dream about the wondrous possibilities with innovative programs such as Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day on 21 February or by becoming a mentor with the Team America Rocketry Challenge or the FIRST® LEGO® League program. For suggestions on how to lead an activity, visit DiscoverE’s website. If your region or section is hosting events, please include #AIAA and #Eweek2019 in your social media posts. We look forward to seeing how you spread the wonder in what’s possible when engineers work together to invent amazing solutions to society’s problems.

    Thank you for all you do for the Institute and the aerospace community. Let’s help the world understand why “Invent Amazing” is part of an engineer’s job description.

    Warmest regards,

    Dan Dumbacher
    Executive Director, AIAA

    Wright-First-Flight-200 Earth-from-Moon-200


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    Inspire Amazing – Activities

    Engaging kids in science, technology, engineering and mathematics has never been easier.

    More information about Engineers Week and Downloads from DiscoverE:

    Aerospace Micro-Lessons from the AIAA STEM K-12 Committee:

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