AIAA Fluid Dynamics and Co-located Conferences and Exhibit
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AIAA Fluid Dynamics and Co-located Conferences and Exhibit

25 - 28 June 2012
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Venue: Sheraton New Orleans

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The event includes the following conferences:


42nd AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference and Exhibit

Papers covering all aspects of fluid dynamics, particularly those relevant to aerospace applications will be presented. Topics range from basic research and development to applied and advanced technology. The co-location of this event with several other conferences enables close synergism and interaction between a broad range of research disciplines in fluid dynamics, and several joint sessions on topics of broad interest will be arranged.


43rd AIAA Plasmadynamics and Lasers Conference

This event will address current basic/applied research in the areas of plasmadynamics, lasers, electromagnetics, diagnostics, and related topics in nonequilibrium reacting flows. Contributed papers will describe contemporary experimental, analytical, and computational efforts. The conference program will focus on recent fundamental scientific advancements as well as many interdisciplinary contributions describing state-of-art technical developments and milestone achievements.


43rd AIAA Thermophysics Conference

This event includes papers covering all aspects of heat transfer and thermophysics. Session topics range from basic research and development to applied and advanced technology, including novel experimental and computational observations, interdisciplinary papers that bridge theoretical and experimental approaches and papers that provide innovative concepts and analyses. Technical topic areas relate to thermal energy and heat transfer in aerospace and mechanical engineering applications. The Thermophysics Award Lecture features an invited lecture by the 2012 Thermophysics Award recipient. Additionally, the AIAA Thermophysics Technical Committee will present Best Paper Awards in both the Professional and Student Categories (with the student receiving a monetary award).


30th AIAA Applied Aerodynamics Conference

This event provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of technical material in diverse areas of theoretical, computational, and experimental applied aerodynamics. Conference sessions will focus on technical topics in the areas of wind-tunnel and flight-testing aerodynamics, unsteady aerodynamics, subsonic, transonic, supersonic, and hypersonic aerodynamics, sonic boom mitigation, high angle of attack and high lift aerodynamics, CFD high lift prediction, low-speed low-Reynolds number aerodynamics, bio-inspired aerodynamics, airfoil/wing/configuration aerodynamics, propeller/rotorcraft/wind-turbine aerodynamics, weapons and store separation aerodynamics, aerodynamic design methodologies, optimization methods in applied aerodynamics, active flow control, vortical /vortex flow, unmanned aerial vehicle designs/tests, propulsion aerodynamics, missile/projectile/guided-munitions aerodynamics, aerodynamic-structural dynamics interaction, and application of CFD methods to aerodynamic configurations validated against experimental data. 


28th AIAA Aerodynamic Measurement Technology, Ground Testing, and Flight Testing Conference

The 28th AMT/GT Conference will include papers related to all aspects of the science, technology, and application of ground testing and aerodynamic measurements, from basic research, to measurements for understanding complex flows, facility development, system test and evaluation, and sustainment and advancement of capabilities.  Flight Testing topic areas will highlight state-of-the art capabilities for applying T&E to the development and fielding of emerging systems. The Ground Test Technical Committee will present best paper awards to exemplar submissions from the ground test topic areas.


Aerospace T&E Days Forum

To build on the success of the Air Force T&E Days Conference, AIAA has now incorporated technical paper sessions with the 28th AIAA Aerodynamic Measurement Technology, Ground Testing and Flight Testing Conference and is introducing the Aerospace T&E Days Forum. The event will feature a senior panel of high-level leaders from industry, NASA, FAA, Navy, Army, and Air Force test organizations, discussing current and future T&E challenges.


6th AIAA Flow Control Conference

This biennial event is a forum for all aspects of flow control technology, emphasizing the multidisciplinary interaction among a diverse range of research disciplines with a common basis in fluid dynamics. Technical sessions range from sensing and actuation technology to applications of flow control across a wide spectrum of flow regimes including vortical flows, boundary layers, shear layers, wakes, separated flows, laminar separation bubbles, high-speed flows, and internal flows. Invited papers and presentations will be in special sessions on Closed-Loop Flow Control and Flow Control Actuators. A Progress in Flow Control poster session rounds out the conference with an informal discussion on recent developments and applications of flow control. 


4th AIAA Atmospheric and Space Environments Conference

This event provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of scientific and technical information concerning interactions between aerospace systems and the atmospheric/space/planetary environment. Technical sessions will focus on both atmospheric and space environments and their effects on aircraft and spacecraft. Atmospheric topics begin with a session on wake vortex effects, followed by a review of activities under NASA’s Aviation Safety Hazard Mitigation Program. A joint session with the Applied Aerodynamics TC covers topics related to atmospheric environment and dynamics. A parallel track is focused in aircraft icing topics including CFD modeling, wind tunnel testing, and natural environment studies. Two special sessions are planned within this track: An update of NASA’s Icing Research Tunnel capabilities (joint with the Ground Testing TC) and a panel session of the Aircraft Icing Research Alliance to share information on current activities and allow for feedback from attendees. Space environments as simulated in the laboratory will be addressed also in a separate session. All technical sessions are arranged to provide an opportunity for researchers and professionals to share information and experiences, thereby increasing their technical benefit for all attendees.