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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics



    Aerospace Spotlight Awards

    AIAAF-eagle   goddard-reed-medals
     AIAA Foundation Eagle    AIAA Goddard Astronautics and Reed Aeronautics Medals


    The awards to be conferred at the 2014 AIAA Aerospace Spotlight Awards Gala include:
    AIAA Foundation Award for Excellence

    X51WaveRiderX-51A WaveRider Team
    The Boeing Company
    Aerojet Rocketdyne
    U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory

    “For the demonstration of the feasibility of sustained air breathing hypersonic flight by achieving a 300 second flight at Mach 5.”



    Goddard Astronautics Award

    Glynn_S_LunneyGlynn S. Lunney
    NASA Flight Director and Program Manager
    Rockwell Division President of Satellite Systems Division
    Seal Beach and Rockwell Space Operations Co., Houston
    United Space Alliance Vice President and Program Manager

    “For over 50 years of outstanding contributions to America’s manned space program from Project Mercury to the Space Shuttle and Space Station.”



    Reed Aeronautics Award

    Ben_T_ZinnBen T. Zinn
    David S. Lewis, Jr. Chair
    School of Aerospace Engineering
    Regents’ Professor Georgia Institute of Technology
    Atlanta, Georgia

    “For extensive and fundamental contributions to aerospace propulsion and power technologies, research, education, literature, and workforce development.”



    International Cooperation Award

    John_E_LaGraffJohn E. LaGraff
    Emeritus Professor
    Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    Syracuse University
    Syracuse, New York

    “For stimulating multi-generational U.S.–European collaboration and coordination through AIAA’s creation and sponsorship of the PEGASUS student paper competition and its participation in the annual Student Paper Contest.”



    Public Service Award

    Kathie_L_OlsenKathie L. Olsen
    Founder and Managing Director
    Washington, DC

    “For a lifetime of personal and professional commitment to the advancement of science in aerospace and biological fields, and for inspiring the next generation of scientists around the globe.”



    The Daniel Guggenheim Medal  

    Abraham_KaremAbraham Karem
    President and Founder
    Karem Aircraft, Inc.
    Lake Forest, California

    “For a lifetime of innovative fixed and rotary wing unmanned vehicle designs.”



    Distinguished Service Award

    Michael_I_YarymovychMichael I. Yarymovych
    Sarasota Space Associates
    Sarasota, Florida

    “For 60 years of dedicated service to IAS, ARS, AIAA and IAF, and for outstanding leadership for the aerospace profession in government, industry and the international community.”


    2014 Fellows and Honorary Fellows

    The title of Honorary Fellow, the highest distinction conferred by AIAA, is granted to preeminent individuals who have long and highly contributory careers in aerospace, and who embody the highest possible standards in aeronautics and astronautics. The 2014 Honorary Fellows are:

      Edward Greitzer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology  
      Paul Kaminski,Technovation, Inc., Hughes Research Labs, Exostar, General Dynamics  
      George Muellner, U.S. Air Force, Boeing Defense Systems, University of Illinois  

    The distinction of Fellow is conferred upon those members of the Institute who have made notable and valuable contributions to the arts, sciences, or technology of aeronautics or astronautics. The 2014 AIAA Fellows are:


    Joao Luiz Azevedo, Instituto de Aeronáutica e Espaço

    Neal Barlow, U.S. Air Force Academy

    Steven Battel, Battel Engineering

    John Blanton, GE Power & Water

    John Brophy, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

    Tom Crouch, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

    Michael Delaney, The Boeing Company

    Eugene Dionne, Lockheed Martin Corporation

    Song Fu, Tsinghua University

    John Kim, University of California Los Angeles

    David King, Dynetics, Inc.



    Roger Krone, The Boeing Company

    Dimitris Lagoudas, Texas A&M University

    Deborah Levin, Pennsylvania State University

    Meng-Sing Liou, NASA Glenn Research Center

    Robert Lucht, Purdue University

    Jeffery Puschell, Raytheon Space & Airborne Systems

    David Riley, The Boeing Company

    Zamik Rosenwaks, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

    Daniel Scheeres, University of Colorado Boulder

    Bob Schutz, University of Texas at Austin

    Sergey Surzhikov, Russian Academy of Sciences – Institute for Problems in Mechanics

    James Voss, University of Colorado Boulder

    Richard Wahls, NASA Langley Research Center

    Andres Zellweger, Aerospace Consultant 


    “The title of AIAA Fellow is among the highest honors that one can earn in the aerospace community. It represents the acknowledgement of peers that one’s work is truly outstanding, and that you have made lasting contributions to significantly advancing the state-of-the art of aerospace science and technology,” said AIAA President Mike Griffin. “Beyond that, the title of Honorary Fellow honors those whose work and contributions have placed each at the pinnacle of our profession. This year’s selection committee has done an outstanding job of identifying those who meet these standards. I congratulate each member of this year’s class of Fellows and Honorary Fellows.”

    In 1933, Orville Wright became AIAA’s first Honorary Fellow. Today, AIAA Honorary Fellows and AIAA Fellows are the most respected names in the aerospace industry. For more information about AIAA’s Fellows and Honorary Fellows program, please contact Patricia A. Carr at or 703.264.7523.

    For more information about AIAA's awards nomination process, click here. To request the nomination form, please contact Carol Stewart at