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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    2016-2017 Graduate Individual Aircraft Design Competition

    Title Multi-Mission Amphibian (MMA) – Request for Proposal

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    Island nations and developing countries often have limited resources and land to create airports. Air passenger and cargo commerce would be useful in the economic development in outlying communities. Many of these communities do have access to bodies of water or short runways that could be used to transport passengers or cargo. There are also niche markets that could benefit from this type of aircraft (shuttle services for commuters in cities like Seattle, New York etc. where existing airports are some distance from the city center).The current aircraft designs that serve these markets include the Twin Otter, Beaver, Otter and Cessna Caravan that can be put on amphibious floats. They are limited in size to less than 20 passengers and as conversions of land planes are not optimized for amphibious operations. Purpose-built amphibians include the Seastar, US-2, Be-200 and Bombardier 415.

    This Request for Proposal (RFP) is for the design of an amphibious aircraft capable of both passenger and cargo missions. The entry into service (EIS) is 2027 for the passenger model.

    Most aircraft manufacturers create a product that can cover the largest number of missions and markets with a minimum of non-recurring development costs and changes to a design. The requirements specify a passenger mission and a cargo mission.

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