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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Goddard Astronautics Award

The Goddard Astronautics Award is the highest honor AIAA bestows for notable achievements in the field of astronautics. It was endowed by Mrs. Goddard to commemorate her husband, Robert H. Goddard-rocket visionary, pioneer, bold experimentalist, and superb engineer, whose early liquid rocket engine launches set the stage for the development of astronautics. The award received its current form in 1975, when the Institute changed the name and widened the selection criteria of its former Goddard Award (which had been bestowed for contributions in the engineering science of propulsion and energy conversion). This annual award is generally presented at the Aerospace Spotlight Awards Gala. Nomination Deadline: 1 October
  • Full Name: James S. Martin
  • Category: Premier Award
  • AIAA Citation: For brilliant leadership of the Viking Project to land an instrumented, automated spacecraft on the planet Mars; his direction, and personification, of a powerful and dedicated team from government, universities and industry in achieving the first comprehensive on-site investigation to the atmosphere and surface characteristics of Mars, and for the successful accomplishment of one of the great steps in the history of astronautics, in keeping with the Robert H Goddard pioneering tradition.