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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

George M. Low Space Transportation Award

Established in 1988, the George M. Low Space Transportation Award honors the achievements in space transportation by Dr. George M. Low, who played a leading role in planning and executing all of the Apollo missions, and originated the plans for the first manned lunar orbital flight, Apollo 8. The award is presented for a timely outstanding contribution to the field of space transportation. This award is presented biennially (in even-numbered years) at the AIAA Space Conference and Exhibition. Nomination Deadline: 1 February
  • Full Name: David W Thompson
  • Category: Technical Excellence
  • AIAA Citation: For pioneering efforts in commercialization of space transportation with the successful development and launch of three new space transportation systems in the early 1990’s: Air Launched Pegasus, first flight April 5, 1990; Transfer Orbit Stage, first flight September 25, 19