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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Public Service Award

The Public Service Award honors a person who has demonstrated sustained and visible support for aviation and space goals. Nominees may or may not be members of AIAA and should be widely known outside of the aerospace community, should present a positive public image, should support and advocate for the aerospace industry through consistent and visible support of aeronautics and/or astronautics research and development, should demonstrate unhesitant willingness to be identified with aerospace programs/supporters, and should have no personal vested interest in advocacy. Because of the unique nature of this annual award, it is generally presented at the Aerospace Spotlight Awards Gala. Nomination Deadline: 1 October
  • Full Name: T Wendell Butler
  • Category: Premier Award
  • AIAA Citation: For inspired leadership in the founding and growth of the Young Astronaut program, which now encompasses over 7000 chapters and 300,000 members. The AIAA also recognizes Dr. Butler and his staff''s fine efforts to minimize our school children''s trauma following the Challenger accident.