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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

International Cooperation Award

Approved by the Board of Directors in 1988, the International Cooperation Award is presented to recognize an individual/s who have made significant contributions to the initiation, organization, implementation and /or management of activities with significant United States involvement that includes extensive international cooperative activities in space, aeronautics, or both. A successful candidate for this award must have demonstrated a personal and long-term commitment to the encouragement of international cooperation among individuals and/or organizations within the world-wide aerospace community. This commitment to cooperation should be demonstrated by more than a professional assignment. It should involve unique and innovative leadership of such cooperation, and/or voluntary contributions to internally cooperative effects or even personal writings or speeches advocating this cause. Supporting letters from appropriate individuals from countries other than that of the nominee are strongly encouraged. Nominations are encouraged from both the aeronautics and astronautics communities. This annual award is generally presented during the AIAA Aerospace Spotlight Awards Gala. Nomination Deadline: 1 October
  • Full Name: Dr Scott Pace
  • Category: Premier Award
  • AIAA Citation: For outstanding and sustained analysis and assessments to civil, commercial, and national space security policy, and space projects and programs entailing international space cooperation and competition.