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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

James A. Van Allen Space Environments Award Recipients

The James A. Van Allen Space Environments Award is presented to recognize outstanding contributions to space and planetary environment knowledge and interactions as applied to the advancement of aeronautics and astronautics. The award honors Prof. James A. Van Allen, an outstanding internationally recognized scientist, who is credited with the early discovery of the Earth’s “Van Allen Radiation Belts.” This award is presented biennially (in even-numbered years) at the AIAA Aviation and Aeronautics Forum (AVIATION). The next award will be presented in 2018. Nomination Deadline: 1 October

  • 2014

    Dr Stamatios M Krimigis
    Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
  • 2012

    Dr Mary K Hudson
    Dartmouth College
    Region I - North East
    New England
  • 2010

    Dr Daniel N. Baker
    University of Colorado
    Region V - Mid West
    Rocky Mountain
  • 2008

    Dr Alan C Tribble
    Rockwell Collins Inc.
    Region V - Mid West
  • 2006

    Dr Shi Tsan Wu
    University of Alabama-Huntsville
    Region II - South East
    Greater Huntsville