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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Introduction to Uncertainty Quantification and Industry Challenges

    8 March, 2018. 1300-1430 Eastern Standard Time
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    Uncertainty is an inescapable reality that can be found in nearly all types of engineering analyses. It arises from sources like measurement inaccuracies, material properties, boundary and initial conditions, and modeling approximations. With the increasing complexity and more demanding requirements for engineered systems, it has become vital to include Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) in engineering analysis. This webinar will introduce stochastic methods and UQ tools, discuss potential implementations in an industry setting, and use case studies to demonstrate the benefits of going beyond deterministic analysis.

    The competitive benefits of UQ include reduced development time and cost, improved designs, better understanding of risk, and quantifiable confidence in analysis results and engineering decisions. Unfortunately, there are obstacles and technical challenges which can prevent organizations from utilizing UQ methods and techniques in their engineering practice. This webinar will discuss these challenges as well as strategies for addressing them.


    Learning Objectives

    • Knowledge of common UQ and probabilistic methods.
    • How to apply UQ methods to an engineering system.
    • How to use UQ techniques to drastically save design time
    • How to develop a robust and reliable design with UQ techniques.
    • How to interpret UQ results when making decisions.


    Who Should Attend

    The attendees for this webinar would be engineers, program managers, and data scientists who want to further investigate how Uncertainty Quantification can maximize insight, improve design robustness, and increase time and resource efficiency.



    mark_andrews Dr. Mark Andrews, UQ Technology Steward, is responsible for advising SmartUQ on the industry’s UQ needs and challenges and is the principal investigator for SmartUQ’s project with Probabilistic Analysis Consortium for Engines (PACE) developed and managed by Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI). Before SmartUQ, Dr. Andrews spent 15 years at Caterpillar.
    Dr. Mark Andrews, SmartUQ


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