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    Structural Dynamics

    Structural Dynamics

    The Structural Dynamics Technical Committee has created a website to educate people, mainly students, on Structural Dynamics and its influence in Aerospace Engineering and get them interested in that field or career.  The main target audience is High School Seniors and College Freshman and Sophomore level students.  However, additional audiences could be other students in middle and high school, other college students as well as practicing engineers looking for more information on a subject area outside of their specialty.

    There are four main sections concerning different aspects of Aerospace Engineering and how they are influenced by Structural Dynamics on the DVD, each with different aerospace vehicles and informational topics.

    • Moving Faster (Bell X-1, Hyper X, SR-71 Blackbird) - Topics include flutter, jet engine dynamics and hypersonic flight
    • Traveling Farther (Redstone Rocket, Moon/Mars Landing, Solar Sail) - Topics include rocket engine dynamics, moon landings and solar sail dynamics
    • Holding Stronger (Flutter Testing, Jet Landings, SRB Splashdown) -Topics include structural health monitoring, crash dynamics and flutter testing
    • Reaching Higher (Early Flight, High Performance Planes, Satellite Vehicles) -Topics include micro air vehicles, shock testing and damping

    Some other items are an “Experiments” section where there are interactive demos and downloadable files for experiments and demonstrations in structural dynamics.  A “Careers” sections has interviews with various people from industry, academia and government organizations answering questions on many aspects of careers in structural dynamics.  There is also a very in-depth section titled “Inside Structural Dynamics” where you can learn about the “What”, “Why” and “How” of Structural Dynamics in Aerospace Engineering.

    For more information about the Technical Committee, visit the Structural Dynamics Technical Committee website. To contact a member of the Education Sub-Committee , please e-mail Mr. Chad Hebert.