AIAA Educator Academy Mars Rover Demonstration

11 September 2013
Location: San Diego, CA
Venue: San Diego Convention Center

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AIAA has introduced an innovative approach to K-12 education, the AIAA Educator Academy,  which is  a series of three curriculum modules, the Mars Rover celebration, the Electric Cargo Airplane and the Space Weather Balloon, targeted at different grade levels. The program is designed to be a collaborative effort between AIAA local sections and their communities to excite and inspire students at they apply math and science concepts that they learn in the classroom to real-world applications in the aerospace industry.  Debuting at the Space 2013 Conference is a Mars Rover Celebration demonstration event for local San Diego elementary and middle school students. Stop by and see where these students’ explorations of Mars will take them.  Students will also be visiting the Exhibition Hall at the conclusion of this event.