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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Membership Matters!

    Category of Membership

    Current Dues

    Associate Member, Member, and Senior Member
    Retired / Return to Full-Time Study / Spouse / Unemployed (50% of Member dues)


    Associate Fellow
    Retired / Return to Full-Time Study / Spouse / Unemployed (50% of Associate Fellow dues)


    Retired / Return to Full-Time Study / Spouse / Unemployed (50% of Fellow dues)


    Full Time Student


    Discounted Dues

    New Young Professional Member
    35 Years of Age or Younger / Never Been a Member in Past


    Student to Professional Transition

    1st year (25% of Member dues)
    2nd year (50% of Member dues)
    3rd year (75% of Member dues)
    4th year (100% of Member dues)


    Return to Full-Time Study – Any member in good standing who is taking 12 credits or more. Member retains their Professional Member Status. To join contact AIAA Customer Service.

    New Young Professional Membership – Open to any individual who is 35 years of age or younger and has never been a Professional or Student Member with AIAA. The New Young Professional Membership is $60 for the first year and then renewed annually at the Professional Member dues rate of $120. The membership is not offered online. To join, contact AIAA Customer service

    Spouse – When two members are married to each other, one of the spouses may pay full Member dues and the other spouse may pay Member dues at half the current dues rate. Both members will receive full privileges, but only one copy of the Aerospace America Magazine will be mailed.
    To take advantage of the spouse dues rate, the spouse must join as an Associate Member or Member and click on the Spouse Membership button on the membership application form.

    Unemployed – Any member who informs the AIAA Headquarters that he/she has become involuntarily unemployed and is seeking reemployment. The unemployment dues fee shall not exceed four years. The reduced payment may not be made in installments. To join contact AIAA Customer Service.

    Lifetime Membership – Open to any individual from the recently graduated to the retired. You'll enjoy uninterrupted AIAA membership benefits, know that your dues are paid for life, protect yourself against future dues increases, and gain the prestige of becoming a Lifetime Member of AIAA. The cost is the equivalent of 15 years (15 times the applicable dues rate) and can be paid in one dues payment, or convenient installment payments of two, four, or eight payments. To join contact AIAA Customer Service.

    Fully Retired (not employed)
    – Any member in good standing who has fully retired may take advantage of this rate. To receive this discount, contact AIAA Customer Service.

    Emeritus Membership
     – Open to all members who have paid their dues continuously for 50 years. You never have to pay dues again. The receive this benefit, contact  AIAA Customer Service

    Student to Professional Transition – Open to current Student Members of AIAA who will be graduating and transferring into their professional career. To transition, contact AIAA Customer service.