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    AIAA Leadership Takes Part in NASA Langley Centennial Symposium

    By Hannah Thoreson, AIAA social media coordinator
    3 August 2017


    TomIrvine-NASA100-2From 12 to 14 July, a symposium was held at Hampton Roads Convention Center as part of the celebration of NASA Langley Research Center’s 100 years of technical excellence. Tom Irvine, managing director of Content Development at AIAA (pictured left), moderated a panel titled, “Aeronautics Research Partnerships: Celebrating the First 100 Years and Looking Forward to the Future.” 

    Irvine said, “The contributions and the research and the work done at Langley, either as government research or as cooperation and collaboration with U.S. industry, has truly been a success story that makes aviation what it is today.”

    Robert D. Gregg III, Tom L. Wood, Dr. Robert H. Liebeck, and Dr. Mark Lewis also discussed advancements in aeronautics.

    AIAA Executive Director Dr. Sandra Magnus also moderated a panel at the symposium: “Future of Aerospace in the Next 20–30 Years.” She explained that projecting out maybe 100 years is a purely creative problem, but that a more narrow focus, like 20 or 30 years out, has constraints that are a bit easier to understand.

    Magnus added, “20 or 30 years is long enough and far enough into the future that there are still going to be some curveballs that come at us from outside the community as well as breakthroughs that come out within the community.”

    Panelists Gregory Williams, Stephen G. Jurczyk, Dennis Andrucyk, and Robert A. Pearce spoke about the innovations to come in the next decades.






    Sandy-at-NASALangley100-July2017 Sandy2-at-NASALangley100-July2017
    AIAA Executive Director Dr. Sandra Magnus moderates panel discussion at the NASA Langley Research Center's Centennial Symposium, July 14, 2017. AIAA Executive Director Dr. Sandra Magnus delivers remarks at the NASA Langley Research Center's Centennial Symposium, July 14, 2017.