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    DirectTech Webinar FAQ for Instructors



    What are DirectTech Webinars and how long are they?

    They are condensed online versions of technical short courses or tutorials, 90-minutes each – including 10-15 minutes of Q&A - and scheduled live regularly throughout the year. They are part of AIAA’s long-standing and prestigious Continuing Education program.

    They may be standalone or a series of multiple webinars.  The content will consist primarily of PowerPoint slide-sharing and instructor audio. Screen sharing and/or videos may also be utilized, along with additional material, files, or links.

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    Why should I teach a DirectTech Webinar?

    Teaching furthers your reputation and credibility as a subject matter expert among your peers, allows you to share your expertise and knowledge with the aerospace community, provides an opportunity for you to showcase the latest developments in your field, and lets you give back by to educating others on important emerging issues and technologies.

    It is also a perfect venue to educate on leading edge technology when there may not be enough material yet for an entire course.

    AIAA also provides an Honorarium for instructors for their efforts.

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    How do I submit a proposal and how are Webinars selected?

    To be considered, you will need to complete the proposal form and submit it to Jason Cole, AIAA Education Manager - It will be reviewed by the relevant group and/or technical community within AIAA. If the Webinar is approved, you will be contacted about potential live event dates. Once a date and time is mutually agreed upon, you will enter into an agreement with AIAA so that your Webinar can be offered.  A limited number of proposals will be accepted each year, based on technical relevance to the aerospace profession, quality of the presentation, and alignment to AIAA’s educational and strategic goals.

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    Does my Webinar need to be fully developed before submitting a proposal?

    No! As long as you have a topic, outline, and learning objectives, you can submit a proposal and include the timeframe that you would expect to have the Webinar content complete.

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    What online platform is used to conduct the Webinars?

    AIAA has made an investment in the Abilia Freestone Learning Management System (LMS), which includes a fully managed Webinar platform. Freestone has the ability for polling, group chat, Q&A, and attached supplemental materials/files.

    For more information and to preview the platform, you can view this video.

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    Will I need to travel?

    No! As long as you have clear audio and stable internet connections, then you will be able to conduct the Webinar out of the comfort of your home or office.

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    Is there a standard template I should be using for my content development?

    Yes! All Webinars should use the standard DirectTech Webinar template.

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    How will these Webinars be marketed and to whom?

    AIAA will market all DirectTech webinars extensively through its channels. It will be promoted to a world-wide audience, with targeted marketing by interest code. Instructors are highly encouraged to promote within their communities and networks as well.

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    Will there be discounts available?

    Yes! AIAA will offer discounts for AIAA Members and Student Members. Pricing will be variable.

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    Will the Webinar be recorded?

    Yes, all Webinars will be recorded and subsequently be made available on-demand 24/7, along with a PDF of the presentation slides and any supplemental material, files, or links.

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    What if I have already recorded or plan to record longer technical lectures or courses?

    AIAA is now also accepting proposals for full DirectTech On-demand online courses. If you already have recordings or intend to create video lectures and/or online courses that stretch beyond a 90-minute Webinar, please contact to Jason Cole, AIAA Education Manager -

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