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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Organizing an AIAA Workshop

    Organizing an AIAA Workshop

    At times groups within AIAA would like to organize a workshop at an AIAA-organized forum. In order to ensure these activities do not conflict with the forum program and activities already planned in conjunction with the forum, and that AIAA can meet the logistical requirements, the workshop organizer must submit a proposal that is reviewed by AIAA staff and the appropriate volunteer stakeholder group. The process for proposing workshops is outlined below.

    Workshop organizer to fill out the Proposal Form for Organizing Workshops at AIAA Forums. The form should be submitted to the Managing Director, Products & Programs Division at least 12 months prior to the activity. Requests submitted within 6 months of the proposed date will not be considered.

    The Managing Director, Products & Programs Division reviews proposal and determines who to forward to for consideration depending on the description of the activity.

      • If activity is a track or a workshop that will be part of forum program and included in the forum registration fee, the request form will be forwarded to forum organizing committee for consideration.

        • The staff event project team will assess logistical requirements and possible budget impact (i.e., having to acquire more meeting space, special A/V requirements)
        • If approved by the forum organizing committee, the workshop will be included as part of the planning for the overall event

      • If activity is a standalone workshop that has a separate registration fee, the staff event project team will assess availability of meeting space and feasibility of other requirements.

        • If there is enough space to accommodate the workshop, the proposal form will be forwarded to the Technical Group Director(s) for the forum for consideration.
        • If proposal is approved by the Group Director(s), the “Agreement for Organizing a Workshop at AIAA Forum,” which outlines the specifications and expectations for organizing workshops, will be completed and signed by the workshop organizer and Managing Director Products & Programs Division.

      • If activity is more appropriate as a tutorial or seminar, the request form will be forwarded to chair of the Career and Professional Development Committee to review for possible competition with existing AIAA continuing education courses or implementation as a continuing education offering.