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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Proposal Form for Organizing Workshops at AIAA Events

    All sections on this form must be completed. Consideration for approval may be denied if insufficient information is not provided. If request is approved, schedule permitting, your activity will be included in the promotion for the event at which it is occurring. Please note that it is the responsibility of the organizing group to ensure that AIAA has accurate and current contact and organized activity information. No use of the AIAA logo is authorized until the AIAA Technical Activities Committee (TAC) has approved this activity. This form should be submitted at least 12 months prior to the activity. Requests submitted within 6 months of the proposed date will not be considered. Activities must be open forum, non-ITAR restricted events.

    General Information


    1. Activity (e.g. Workshop / Educational Seminar / Session Track(s)):

    2. Activity Title

    3. Description of Activity:

      1. Focus Area:
      2. Objectives:
      3. Major Emphasis:
      4. AIAA Continuing Education Courses with Similar Topics. (Click here for the course list.):

    4. Location:
      1. Associated Conference(s):
      2. Dates: (Full day, Half day)



    1. Organizing Technical/Program Committees (lead TC/PC first):
      1. Lead Technical/Program Committee Chair
      2. Business Phone:
      3. Fax:
      4. Email

      1. Workshop Organizer/Chair:
      2. Complete Business Address:
      3. Business Phone:
      4. Fax:
      5. Email:

      1. Contact:
      2. Complete business address:
      3. Business phone:
      4. Fax:
      5. Email:

    2. Similar Activities within AIAA and/or other professional societies:



    1. Resource Information:
      1. Attendance Information:
      2.             Estimated Attendance:
          based on:
                    Estimated AIAA Attendance (if known):
          based on:
      3. Space Requirements (number of concurrent rooms, seating):
      4. Audio/Visual Requirements:
      5. Catering Requirements (i.e., coffee services, lunch):
      6. Required AIAA Staff:
      7. Responsibility for Financial Liability (e.g. AIAA, Technical Committees or Program Committees):
      8. Financial Model (included in conference registration, separate registration, or sponsorship):

    2. Long-term Resource Information
      1. Published Proceedings (e.g. CD/DVDs, paper):
      2. Archival Storage (online, etc.):

    3. AIAA's Response Should be Received by the following date: