2019 Regional Leadership Conference

18 August 2019
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Venue: 2019 Regional Leadership Conference

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Every year AIAA has training for the Section Officers. This training comes in a variety of ways: Webinars, Region Advisory Committee (RAC) meetings, and the annual Regional Leadership Conference.


The Regional Leadership Conferences are a great opportunity to meet fellow officers from the many different sections within AIAA. AIAA Regions and Sections vary in size from a few dozen people to many hundreds of people. The Regional Leadership Conference provides the opportunity to meet officers from different sized sections as well as learn about the many different types of activities they hold. You may hear about activities that you want to try in your section, or you may be able to provide assistance to a section that is having difficulty in a particular area.


You will also learn how your officer role fits into the overall AIAA hierarchy. Many of the presentations are made made by members of the AIAA Board of Trustees, Council of Directors, or, National Standing Committees, and the whole conference is presided over by the Chief of Regional Engagement Activities Division.


There are also sessions on AIAA tools and resources available to the AIAA Section Officers.


So, if you are a new AIAA officer or a veteran that would like to get a refresher, meet new people, or see what the latest innovations at AIAA are, plan to attend the Regional Leadership Conference. The conference coincides with the AIAA Council of Directors Meeting, which will be held in September this year.


To see presentations and materials from past conferences, go to the Regional Leadership Conference Library on the Region and Section Activities site.


The 2019 RLC will take place in August in conjunction with the 2019 AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum.

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