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The HUB is a multi-use area built into the heart of AIAA expositions that features many attendee favorite activities like the AIAA Publications Pavilion and author signings, PLUS a presentation area, design challenges, charging stations, meeting space, and more. 

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The 2020 AIAA DEFENSE Forum, to be held 5-7 May in Laurel, MD, will bring together government, military, industry, and academia to discuss the strategic, programmatic, and technical topics and policy issues in aerospace and defense. Come learn about the planned technical and plenary discussions from members of the Executive Steering and Technical Program Committees, and find out how you can participate! Discussion will include:

  • DoD Research and Engineering (R&E) Enterprise
  • Industry priorities in responding to DoD priorities
  • Accelerating technology transition
  • Innovation in missile defense




Northrop Grumman
Lockheed Martin