AIAA is committed to ensuring that aerospace professionals are recognized and celebrated for their achievements, innovations, and discoveries that make the world safer, more connected, more accessible, and more prosperous. From the major missions that reimagine how our nation utilizes air and space to the inventive new applications that enhance everyday living, aerospace professionals leverage their knowledge for the benefit of society. AIAA continues to celebrate that pioneering spirit showcasing the very best in the aerospace industry.

 Class of 2023 AIAA Associate Fellows Meet and Greet

Each year, the Institute recognizes exemplary professionals for their accomplishments in engineering or scientific work, outstanding merit, and contributions to the art, science, or technology of aeronautics or astronautics. Join us to congratulate the Class of 2023 Associate Fellows at the Meet and Greet event on Tuesday, 24 January, 1630–1730 hrs. This is a free event.

 Premier Lectures
2023 AIAA Dryden Lecture in Research

Rodney D. Bowersox
Associate Dean for Research, Ford I Professor of Aerospace Engineering, and University Regents Professor, Texas A&M University


The lecture emphasizes the great importance of basic and applied research to the advancement in aeronautics and astronautics and is a salute to research scientists and engineers.

Lecture: Hypersonic Wall Bounded Viscous Flows: Theory, Ground Test, and Flight

Lecture Date and Time: Monday, 23 January 2023, 1800–1900 hrs

2023 Durand Lecture for Public Service

Wesley Harris
Charles Stark Draper Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


This lecture is presented for notable achievements by a scientific or technical leader whose contributions have led directly to the understanding and application of the science and technology of aeronautics and astronautics for the betterment of mankind.

Lecture: A Half Century of Research in Fluid Dynamics

Lecture Date and Time: Wednesday, 25 January 2023, 1800–1900 hrs

 Education Award

2022 J. Leland Atwood Award

John Sullivan
Purdue University


This award is bestowed upon an outstanding aerospace engineering educator in recognition of the educator's contributions to the profession. This award is cosponsored by the ASEE Aerospace Division and AIAA.

For extraordinary contributions to aerospace education and research, including pioneering work on design-build-test student projects, international leadership in the development of pressure- and temperature-sensitive paints for aerodynamic measurements, and statesman-like academic leadership, and for the widespread and profound impact on his students and the broader aerospace industry.

Award presentation: Monday, 23 January 2023, plenary session, 0800 hrs

 Service Award

2023 AIAA Mary W. Jackson Diversity and Inclusion Award

Eric J. Ruggiero
GE Aerospace


This award recognizes an individual or group within AIAA who has devoted time and effort and made significant contributions to the advancement of diversity and inclusion within the Institute. It also seeks to raise awareness on the value of a diverse membership and inclusive environment, and of important and challenging issues pertaining to diversity and inclusion in the aerospace workforce at large.

For leadership in bringing the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion to the forefront for the aerospace community through sustained efforts through professional societies

Award presentation: Monday, 23 January 2023, plenary session, 0800 hrs

 Literary Awards

2023 AIAA Children's Literature Award

Clayton Anderson
Sleeping Bear Press


This award is presented for an outstanding, significant, and original book in aeronautics and astronautics published within the last 2 years.

Letters from Space

Award presentation: Thursday, 26 January 2023, plenary session, 0800 hrs

2023 AIAA Gardner-Lasser Aerospace History Literature Award

Diane Vaughan
Columbia University


This award is presented for the best original contribution to the field of aeronautical or astronautical nonfiction literature published in the last five years dealing with the science, technology, and/or impact of aeronautics or astronautics on society.

Dead Reckoning: Air Traffic Control, System Effects, and Risk

Award presentation: Thursday, 26 January 2023, plenary session, 0800 hrs

2023 AIAA History Manuscript Award

Cathleen S. Lewis
Smithsonian Institution National Air and Space Museum


This award is presented for the best historical manuscript dealing with the science, technology, and/or impact of aeronautics and astronautics on society.

Cosmonaut: A Cultural History

Award presentation: Thursday, 26 January 2023, plenary session, 0800 hrs

2023 AIAA Pendray Aerospace Literature Award

"Bala" Balakumar Balachandran
University of Maryland


The award is presented for an outstanding contribution or contributions to aeronautical and astronautical literature in the relatively recent past.

Applied Nonlinear Dynamics: Analytical, Computational, and Experimental Methods and Vibrations, Third Edition

Award presentation: Thursday, 26 January 2023, plenary session, 0800 hrs

 Technical Excellence Awards

2023 AIAA Aerospace Software Engineering Award

Elizabeth T. Whitaker
Georgia Tech Research Institute/Georgia Institute of Technology


This award is presented for outstanding technical and/or management contributions to aeronautical or astronautical software engineering.

For twenty-five years of expert knowledge contributions researching, teaching, and applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques primarily to DARPA, IARPA, and DOD aviation application.

Award presentation: Tuesday, 24 January 2023, plenary session, 0800 hrs

2023 AIAA Air Breathing Propulsion Award

Feng Liu
University of California, Irvine


This award is presented to an individual for sustained, meritorious accomplishment in the arts, sciences, and technology of air breathing propulsion systems.

For the turbine-burner engine innovation and other high-impact contributions of computational methods for turbomachinery aerodynamics.

Award presentation: Wednesday, 25 January 2023, plenary session, 0800 hrs

2023 AIAA Energy Systems Award

Bengt Aake Sundén
Lund University


This award is presented for a significant contribution in the broad field of energy systems, specifically as related to the application of engineering sciences and systems engineering to the production, storage, distribution, and conservation of energy.

Significant contributions to the development of efficient innovative cooling concepts of gas turbines and aircraft engines by pushing advanced numerical and experimental techniques to the forefront.

Award presentation: Wednesday, 25 January 2023, plenary session, 0800 hrs

2023 AIAA Information Systems Award

Jimmie G. McEver, III
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory


This award is to recognize outstanding technical and/or management contributions in space and aeronautics, computer sensing, and fusion aspects of information technology and science.

For outstanding technical and managerial contributions to complex systems, cyberspace operations, and command and control, to include exemplary outreach efforts within the aerospace community.

Award presentation: Tuesday, 24 January 2023, plenary session, 0800 hrs

2023 AIAA Mechanics and Control of Flight Award

Robert H. Bishop
University of South Florida


This award is presented for an outstanding recent technical or scientific contribution by an individual in the mechanics, guidance, or control of flight in space or the atmosphere.

For distinguished contributions to spacecraft control systems, especially for pioneering advancements of guidance and navigation systems for the Space Shuttle and ALHAT, and precision landings.

Award presentation: Tuesday, 24 January 2023, plenary session, 0800 hrs

2023 AIAA Propellants and Combustion Award

Suresh Menon
Georgia Institute of Technology


This award is presented for outstanding technical contributions to aeronautical or astronautical combustion engineering.

For distinguished and pioneering contributions to the field of multi-scale computational modeling and simulation of turbulent and multiphase combustion in power and propulsion systems.

Award presentation: Wednesday, 25 January 2023, plenary session, 0800 hrs

2023 AIAA Walter J. and Angeline H. Crichlow Trust Prize

Inderjit Chopra
University of Maryland


This award is presented for a specific achievement or body of work that became significant during the immediate past 15 years.

For seminal contributions to rotorcraft fundamental research and education; milestone design projects (human-powered, DaVinci-Aerial-Screw, Mars helicopters), and distinguished service to federal agencies, industry, and professional societies.

Award presentation: Monday, 23 January 2023, plenary session, 0800 hrs

2023 AIAA Wyld Propulsion Award

Rodney L. Burton
CU Aerospace, L.L.C.


This award is presented for outstanding achievement in the development or application of rocket propulsion systems.

For distinguished enhancement of science and innovation in the field of electric space propulsion, education of scientist engineers, and entrepreneurial leadership in aerospace engineering.

Wednesday, 25 January 2023, plenary session, 0800 hrs

 AIAA Student Paper Competitions

Winners will be announced on Friday, 27 January 2023, during the plenary session.

  • Aerodynamic Measurement Technology, Plasmadynamics and Lasers, Propellants and Combustion Student Paper Competition
  • Aerospace Power Systems Student Paper Competition
  • American Society for Composites Student Paper Award
  • Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Best Student Paper Competition
  • David P. Weaver Best Student Paper Competition
  • Guidance, Navigation, and Control Student Paper Competition
  • Harry H. and Lois G. Hilton Student Paper Award in Structures
  • Human-Machine Teaming Student Paper Competition
  • Intelligent Systems Student Paper Competition
  • Jefferson Goblet Student Paper Award
  • Lockheed Martin Student Paper Award in Structures
  • Meshing, Visualization, and Computational Environments Student Paper Competition
  • Sensor Systems and Information Fusion Student Paper Competition
  • SwRI Student Paper Award in Non-Deterministic Approaches
  • Terrestrial Energy Systems Student Paper Competition
  • Thermophysics Student Paper Competition
  • Unmanned Systems Student Paper Competition
 Best Professional Paper Awards

These awards will be presented at the sponsoring committee’s meeting.

2021 AIAA Hybrid Rockets Best Paper
“Machine Learning Techniques for Flight Performance Prediction of Hybrid Rocket Engines” (AIAA 2021-3506)
Authors: Alessandro Zavoli, Paolo Maria Zolla, Lorenzo Federici, Mario Tindaro Migliorino, and Daniele Bianchi, Sapienza University of Rome
2021 AIAA International Space Planes and Hypersonic Systems & Technologies Best Paper
“Preliminary Study of Shock / Boundary-Layer Interactions Generated by a Sharp Fin Mounted Above a Flat Plate” (AIAA 2021-4118)
Authors: Dustin L. Otten, Lockheed Martin; and Frank K. Lu, University of Texas at Arlington
2021 AIAA Pressure Gain Combustion Best Paper
“Effects of Inlet Area Ratio on Operability of an Axial Air Inlet Rotating Detonation Combustor” (AIAA 2021-3676)
Authors: Joshua Shepard, Alexander Feleo, and Mirko Gamba, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
2021 AIAA Propellants and Combustion Best Paper
“Modeling of Layered Ammonium Perchlorate Composite Propellant with Different Burning Rates” (AIAA 2021-1970)
Authors: Monique S. McClain, Purdue University; Brian T. Bojko, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division; Simon Ray and Steven F. Son, Purdue University
2022 AIAA Electric Propulsion Best Paper
“Experimental Characterization of Wave-Induced Azimuthal Ion Velocities in a Hollow Cathode Plume” (AIAA 2022-1561)
Authors: Parker J. Roberts and Benjamin Jorns, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; and Vernon Chaplin, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
2022 AIAA Electrified Aircraft Technology Best Paper
“Sizing and Analysis of a Lift-Plus-Cruise VTOL Aircraft with Electrified Propulsion Systems” (AIAA 2022-3513)
Authors: Imon Chakraborty and Aashutosh Aman Mishra, Auburn University
2022 AIAA Gas Turbine Engine Best Paper
“An Experimental Study on the Dynamic Ice Accretion Process over the Surfaces of the Rotating Fan Blades of an Aero-Engine Model” (AIAA 2022-2435)
Authors: Linchuan Tian, Linkai Li, Haiyang Hu, and Hui Hu, Iowa State University
2022 AIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Best Paper
“On A Higher Order Method for Anonymous Feature Processing” (AIAA 2022-0606)
Authors: James S. McCabe, NASA Johnson Space Center
2022 AIAA High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion Best Paper Award
“From Thermal Choking to Inlet Buzz of Circular Scramjets in High- Enthalpy Flows” (AIAA 2022-0202)
Authors: Qili Liu, Li Qiao, Purdue University; Kyungrae Kang and Hyungrok Do, Seoul National University

2022 AIAA Inlets Nozzles and Propulsion System Integration Best Paper
“Summary of the 5th Propulsion Aerodynamics Workshop Nozzle Test Case: Heated Nozzle Exhaust Passing Over a Flim-cooled Plate” (AIAA 2022-0086)
Authors: Nicholas J. Georgiadis and Mark P. Wernet, NASA Glenn Research Center; Darrell S. Crowe, Air Force Research Laboratory; Carolyn D. Woeber and Kristen Karman-Shoemake, Cadence Design Systems; and Chad M. Winkler, The Boeing Company
2022 AIAA Intelligent Systems Best Paper
“Deep Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Aerobraking Maneuver Planning” (AIAA 2022-2497)
Authors: Giusy Falcone and Zachary R. Putnam, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
2022 AIAA Joint Liquid Propulsion and Propellants and Combustion Best Paper Award
“Simultaneous OH, CH2O and flow field imaging of near blowoff dynamics” (AIAA 2022-2348)
Authors: Raghul Manosh Kumar, Subodh Adhikari, Benjamin L. Emerson, and Timothy C. Lieuwen, Georgia Institute of Technology; and Christopher A. Fugger, Special Energies, LLC
2022 AIAA Modeling and Simulation Best Paper
“Just Noticeable Differences for Variations in Quasi-Steady Stall Buffet Model Parameters” (AIAA 2022-0510)
Authors: Arne Imbrechts, Coen C. de Visser, and Daan M. Pool, Technische Universiteit Delft Faculteit Luchtvaart- en Ruimtevaarttechniek
2022 AIAA Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Best Paper
“Multidisciplinary design optimization with mixed categorical variables for aircraft design” (AIAA 2022-0082)
Authors: Paul Saves, Eric Nguyen Van, Nathalie Bartoli, Thierry Lefebvre, Chrostophe David, and Sébastien Defoort, ONERA, DTIS, Université de Toulouse; and Youssef Diouane and Joseph Morlier, ISAE-Supaero ONERA, DTIS, Université de Toulouse
2022 AIAA Pressure Gain Combustion Best Paper
“Flight Demonstration of Detonation Engine System Using Sounding Rocket S-520-31: Performance of Rotating Detonation Engine” (AIAA 2022-0232)
Authors: Keisuke Goto, Nagoya University; Ken Matsuoka, Koichi Matsuyama, Akira Kawasaki, Hiroaki Watanabe, Noboru Itouyama, Kazuki Ishihara, Valentin Buyakofu, Tomoyuki Noda, and Jiro Kasahara, Nagoya University; Akiko Matsuo, Keo University; Daisuke Nakata and Masaharu Uchiumi, Muroran Institute
2022 AIAA Sensor Systems and Information Fusion Best Paper
“Using Drone Swarms as Countermeasure of Radar Detection” (AIAA 2022-0855)
Authors: Claudia Conte, University of Naples Federico II; Sofia Verini Supplizi and Antonio Mele, Italian Air Force Academy; Giorgio de Alteriis, Giancarlo Rufino, and Domenico Accardo, University of Naples Federico II
2022 AIAA Small Satellite Best Paper Award
“On-orbit Rule-Based and Deep Learning Image Segmentation Strategies” (AIAA 2022-0646)
Authors: Shreeyam Kacker, Alex Meredith, Violet Felt, Joe Kusters, Hannah Tomio, and Kerri Cahoy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2022 AIAA Software Best Paper
“Automated Test Case Generation for the Verification of System and High-Level Software Requirements for Fly-by-Wire Platforms” (AIAA 2022-0254)
Authors: Reinhard Reichel, Christian Block, and Serkan Dikmen, University of Stuttgart
2022 AIAA Spacecraft Structures Best Paper
“Compressive Behavior of Isogrid Columns Fabricated with Bend-Forming” (AIAA 2022-2263)
Authors: Harsh Bhundiya, Fabien Royer, and Zack Cordero, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2022 AIAA Systems Engineering Best Paper
“A Formal Approach to Identify Inconsistencies in Stakeholder Needs in the Context of Systems Engineering” (AIAA 2022-1469)
Authors: Hanumanthrao Kannan and Benajmin C. Jantzen, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; and Bryan L. Mesmer, The University of Alabama in Huntsville

2022 Collier Aerospace HyperX Software Structures Best Paper Award
“A Study of Airframe Thermal Stresses for Hybrid Composite-Metallic Structure” (AIAA-2022-2605)
D. Scott Norwood, Scott Malaznik, Brandon M. Schneberger, Kevin M. Fuller, Jason A. Grant, Matthew T. Gill, and Jesse C. Long, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company; and Kevin S. Brown, Air Force Research Laboratory

 Best Student Paper Awards

These awards will be presented at the sponsoring committee’s meeting

2021 AIAA Hybrid Rockets Best Student Paper
“Swirl injection in hybrid PMMA combustion assessed by thermochemical imaging” (AIAA 2021-3513)
Authors: R. Mitchell Spearrin, Isabelle C. Sanders, Fabio A. Bendana, Nora G. Stacy, Kevin K. Schwarm, Fabio A. Bendana, Nora G. Stacy, and Kevin K. Schwarm, University of California, Los Angeles
2021 AIAA International Space Planes and Hypersonic Systems & Technologies Best Student Paper
“Aerothermal Uncertainty Quantification of Deployable Entry Technologies Using Multi-Fidelity Modeling” (AIAA 2021-4228)
Authors: Mario Santos and Serhat Hosder, Missouri University of Science and Technology; and Thomas K. West, NASA Langley Research Center
2022 AIAA Structural Dynamics Best Paper
“Hypersonic Fluid-Structure Interactions on a Compliant Clamped-Free Clamped-Free Panel Under the Influence of Static Shock Impingement” (AIAA 2022-0241)
Authors: Paulo B. Vasconcelos, Liam P. McQuellin, Krishna M. Talluru, and Andrew J. Neely, University of New South Wales
2022 AIAA Walter Lempert Best Student Paper
“Thomson and Collisional Regimes of In-Phase Coherent Microwave Scattering Off Small Plasma Objects” (AIAA 2022-1748)
Authors: Adam Patel, Apoorv Ranjan, Xingxing Wang, Mikhail Slipchenko, and Alexey Shashurin, Purdue University; and Mikhail N. Shneider, Princeton University
2022 AIAA Walter Lempert Best Student Paper, Honorable Mention
“Analysis of Screech Phenomena in a Mach 1.0 Jet with Linear Array Focused Laser Differential Interferometry” (AIAA 2022-1798)
Authors: Theron J. Price, Mark Gragston, and Phillip A. Kreth, University of Tennessee Space Institute
2022 AIAA Walter Lempert Best Student Paper, Honorable Mention
“Measurements of NH3 in a Shock Tube for Investigating the Chemical Kinetics of Rocket Propellants” (AIAA 2022-1875)
Authors: Sulaiman Alturaifi and Eric L. Petersen, Texas A&M University

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