Forum 360: Is Hypersonic Flight The Next Big Thing? 7 January 2020 1430 - 1630

Over the years, large amounts of time, energy and resources have gone toward the advancement of critical technologies for sustained hypersonic flight. Perhaps today these critical technologies are ready for integration into a sustained flight vehicle system. This panel provides a lively discussion of what has been accomplished so far to date, lessons learned along the way, what has been enabled, and a look at the remaining challenges to achieve reliable and sustained hypersonic flight. The historical context will provide a review of the successes, retired challenges, and remaining challenges after NASP, X-43, and X-51 by leading figures from those programs. The panel is eminently qualified to propose to the community potential paths forward to retire remaining risks to routine, reusable, hypersonic flight.
  • Mark-J-Lewis-2022 Mark Lewis
    Executive Director of NDIA’s Emerging Technologies Institute (ETI)
  • Charles-McClinton-Photo Charles McClinton
    Former Hypersonic Technology Manager (ret.), NASA
  • Frank-Boensch-Photo Frank D. Boensch
    X-30 (NASP) Joint Program Office: Deputy Director, Airframe and Director of Consortia and Technology, Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory (ret.)
  • David-Van-Wie-Photo David Van Wie
    Head, Air and Missile Defense Sector, The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
  • Richard_Mutzman_Photo Richard Mutzman
    Chief Engineer, Aerospace Systems Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory (Ret.)