Rising Leaders in Aerospace Lunch Panel: I Got My Dream Job, Now What? 25 January 2023 1200 - 1330

College has quick timelines, short turnarounds, and new subjects each semester. Many college students have long term goals of working in a certain discipline. After graduation, many achieve these goals and get a job where they want, working on what they want. But the real world moves much slower than university - future steps, promotions, or leadership can be 10-20 year goals. Even a dream job may become tedious. This panel includes aerospace leaders to help the young professional answer the question - where do I go from here?
  • Sandy-Magnus-2023 Sandra H. “Sandy” Magnus
    Principal - AstroPlanetview, LLC and part time Professor of the Practice - Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Andrew-Maurer-2023 Andrew Maurer
    Director, People Analytics, Insights & Technology, Northrop Grumman Corporatioin
  • Rickey-J-Shyne-2023 Rickey J. Shyne, P. E.
    Director of Research and Engineering, NASA Glenn Research Center
  • Lesley-Weitz-200x200 Lesley Weitz
    Department Chief Scientist, National Airspace System (NAS) Automation Evolution, The MITRE Corporation