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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

    Satellite Communications - Advanced Networks and Technology, Future Trends, and Defense Systems

    Course Outline:

    I. Introduction and Theme Setting

    II. On-Board Processing and Encoding

    III. Spectrum and Frequency Coordination Issues
    A. Use for Commercial and Military Systems and current problems and issues

    IV. Precipitation Attenuation and Strategies for Mitigation

    V. Satellite Multi-beam Antenna Systems
    A. Advances in Phased-Array Feed Systems
    B. Hopping Beams
    C. Differing strategies for Geo, Meo and Leo Systems, etc.

    VI. Review of FSS, MSS, BSS, B2B system trends for Commercial Systems.
    A. This will include new MSS-ATC systems and multi-purpose busses

    VII. Review of Military Satellite system deployment.
    A. Review of strategies and capabilities in the US and around the world

    VIII. New developments in ground systems.
    A. ASIC capabilities, dual and triple mode systems, commercial vs. military systems
    B. Distributing services to the edge
    C. Multi-purpose systems that combine IT, Communications, navigation and position awareness
    D. MSS-ATC

    IX. Shared platforms, rapid deployment, and new options.
    A. XTAR and beyond

    X. IP-based standards and other satcom standards and issues.
    A. Coping with IP Sec within VPNs, RFC vs. ITU recommendations, ISO 15045 and other interfacing strategies, DBS-RCS, DOCSIS, and more

    XI. New development in Launch Systems
    A. On-orbit servicing
    B. Private space stations
    C. US Space Policy

    XII. Key Issues of Relevance
    A. Orbital Debris, Sustainability of Space, Space Situational Awareness, Militarization of Space, IDA, etc.