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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

    Space Environment and Its Effects on Space Systems

    Course Outline:

    I. Spacecraft failures
    A. Typical failures and Weibull distribution
    B. Risk management, reliability ,and quality assurance

    II. Solar system overview
    A. Constituents, planets, asteroids, comets
    B. Time systems and celestial mechanics

    III. Sun
    A. Steady state and time dependent characteristics
    B. Radiation pressure and ultraviolet degradation

    IV. Earth’s magnetic field
    A. Geomagnetic field characteristics, activity, and available models
    B. Spacecraft interactions

    V. Gravitational fields
    A. Higher-order gravitational fields
    B. Spacecraft perturbations

    VI. Magnetosphere
    A. Magnetospheric characteristics
    B. Trapped, solar, and galactic radiation
    VII. Earth’s neutral environment
    A. Neutral environment models and constituents
    B. Effect son spacecraft systems

    VIII. Earth’s plasma environment
    A. Plasma characteristic and interactions, atomic oxygen and charging
    B. Effects on propagation

    IX. Radiation interactions
    A. Effects on devices and humans

    X. Contamination
    A. Cleanliness levels
    B. Outgassing

    XI. Meteorites and orbital debris
    A. Meteorite and debris models
    B. Debris mitigation guidelines and techniques