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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

    State Analysis - A Model-based Engineering Method for Systems and Software Engineers

    Course Outline:

    I. Introduction

    II. Overview of State Analysis
    A. Issues with traditional approaches
    B. An alternative offered by a control point of view
    C. The important role of models
    D. A glimpse at the state analysis process

    III. Analysis for States, Models, and Goals
    A. State Discovery
    B. Modeling of state effects
    C. State knowledge representations
    D. How the models inform control system design
    E. Expressing intent with goals

    IV. Goal Networks (a.k.a. Goal-based Sequences)
    A. Coordinating control through goal elaborations
    B. Scheduling and validating the goal network
    C. Nominal execution of goal networks
    D. Monitoring of goal network execution

    V. Robust Execution, Goal-based Fault Management and Reactive Coordinated Control
    A. Fault diagnosis
    B. Onboard execution monitoring
    C. Off-nominal execution
    D. Reacting to goal failure
    E. Reactive vs. deliberative coordination of control

    VI. Software Design and Implementation by Adapting the Software Framework
    A. Introduction to adaptation
    B. Adaptation example
    C. Implementing control loops
    D. Goal elaboration, scheduling and execution design
    E. Implementing fault response behavior

    VII. Conclusion and discussion