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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

    Weaponeering: Conventional Weapon System Effectiveness

    Course Outline:

    I. Part I covers the basic tools and methods used in Weaponeering
    A. The Weaponeering process
    B. Elementary Statistical Methods
    C. Weapon Trajectory
    D. Delivery Accuracy of guided (including GPS/INS) and unguided munitions (JDAP, GWDAP)
    E. Target Vulnerability Assessment (COVART, AJEM, General Full-Spray, JMAE)

    II. Part II covers the Weaponeering process for air-launched weapons against ground targets
    A. Single weapons directed against point and area targets (WINJMEM)
    B. Stick deliveries (point and area targets)
    C. Projectiles (guns and rockets)
    D. Weaponeering for specific targets: (bridges, buildings, tunnels etc. using EI values)
    E. Simple collateral Damage modeling

    III. Part III covers the Weaponeering process for ground engagements
    A. Indirect fire systems – artillery and mortars (SQ2, ArtQuick, Matrix Evaluator)
    B. Direct fire systems – infantry and armored vehicles (FBAR, PVTM)
    C. Mines – land and sea