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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    AIAA in the News

    AIAA Members in the News

    AIAA members make headlines everyday. The Institute celebrates these amazing accomplishments!


    25 July
    Supersonic flight could be affordable in the future
    Airways Boeing and Boom Supersonic have discussed the possibilities for commercial supersonic flight at AIAA Forums

    24 July
    John W. Dixon award given to Leidos chairman Leidos chairman and CEO Roger Krone is an AIAA Fellow

    20 July
    AIAA UIC wins award at Spaceport America CUP
    Chicago Tribune AIAA UIC won first place in the "30K Solid Rocket-Student Research and Developed Components" category

    20 July
    AIAA UIC wins award at Spaceport America CUP
    Chicago Tribune AIAA UIC won first place in the "30K Solid Rocket-Student Research and Developed Components" category

    20 July
    AIAA Associate Fellow named dean of Lipscomb University’s Raymond B. Jones College of Engineering
    Nashville Post David Elrod is also a past chairman of the AIAA Technical Committee on Management

    18 July
    NASA plots a return to the moon within a decade
    Florida Today AIAA Executive Director Dan Dumbacher quoted

    16 July
    SDSU graduate student presents research at AIAA AVIATION Forum
    The Brookings Register Archibald Amoako conducts research on cooling aerospace electronics

    13 July
    AIAA Fellow to keynote 2018 SACNAS
    News On 6 Dr. Ellen Ochoa has been both an astronaut and the director of NASA Johnson Space Center

    11 July
    Janet Kavandi confirms completion of SpaceX Crew Dragon thermal vacuum tests at AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum
    SpaceNews Crew Dragon was tested at NASA Glenn's Plum Brook Station

    10 July
    AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum features discussion of NASA SLS plans
    SpaceNews NASA is adding more SLS Block 1 launches to the manifest

    6 July
    AIAA Associate Fellow honored by International Astronautical Federation
    Penn State News David B. Spencer has been named the recipient of the 2018 Frank J. Malina Astronautics Medal

    1 July
    AIAA Forums feature discussions about hypersonic research programs
    Air Force Magazine Researchers express concern about hypersonic defense programs

    28 June
    Boeing unveils supersonic concept at AIAA AVIATION Forum in Atlanta
    Washington Post Passengers would be able to fly from New York to London in only two hours

    20 June
    AIAA Fellow named head of MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
    MIT News Daniel Hastings was also awarded the Losey Atmospheric Sciences Award from the AIAA in 2002

    19 June
    Justin Ouwerkerk Received Best Presentation Honor at the AIAA/ASME Awards Banquet
    University of Cincinnati News UC Aerospace Engineering Student Awarded Best Presentation Honor for Small Heavy-Lift Drone Design

    15 June
    AIAA Executive Director Dan Dumbacher Testifies on Capitol Hill
    SpaceNews Dumbacher testified in a hearing held by the House space subcommittee

    13 June
    AIAA Space Systems Technical Committee Holds Essay Contest
    The New Orleans Advocate Rachel Pizzolato was the national winner of the 8th grade contest

    11 June
    Parimal Kopardekar Named Finalist for Sammies People’s Choice Award
    India West Kopardekar is an AIAA Fellow

    1 June
    Student from Connecticut Wins AIAA-Sponsored Prize at 2018 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair
    Connecticut Journal Inquirer Keshav Vedula's project on airfoils was awarded a $1000 prize

    31 May
    Keoki Jackson to Join NIST Technology Advisory Committee Jackson is an AIAA Associate Fellow and serves on the AIAA Foundation Board of Trustees

    27 May
    Dana Turse Becomes AIAA Technical Subcommittee Chair
    CompositesWorld Turse is a director at Roccor

    25 May
    AIAA Journal Published Noteworthy Paper on 'Autophage' Engines
    International Business Times New ‘Autophage’ Engine Would Eat Its Rocket's Body For Fuel

    24 May
    AIAA Associate Fellow Named NASA Associate Administrator
    Aero-News Network Steve Jurczyk is now the highest-ranking civil servant at the agency

    23 May
    AIAA Vandenberg Sponsors STEM Awards for Students
    Santa Maria Times The awards were given at the 33rd annual Central Coast STEM Expo

    23 May
    AIAA Fellow Reflects on Career Accomplishments
    UT Austin News Armand Chaput worked for the CIA during the Cold War, and is a professor today

    23 May
    AIAA Student Conference Award Winner Heads to Air Force Institute of Technology
    The Gazette Anna DeMoret conducted research on reducing noise from drone propellers

    18 May
    Al Bowers Profiled by Aerotech News
    Aerotech News Bowers is the Chief Scientist at NASA Armstrong and an AIAA member

    14 May
    NAVAIR Engineers Recognized by the San Diego Section of AIAA
    The Lexington Park Leader The award was for the development of the F/A-18/EA-18G Cabin Pressure Test Laboratory

    11 May
    AIAA Executive Director Dan Dumbacher Interviewed on The Space Show
    The Space Show Dumbacher answered questions from the listening audience as well

    10 May
    CCSD Students Win Awards at Science Fair
    Denver Post YourHub Morgan Cragin and Krithik Ramesh won prizes from AIAA

    7 May
    AIAA Fellow nominated for Service to America ("Sammy") Award
    Fedscoop Parimal H. Kopardekar is a finalist in the Promising Innovations Medal category

    4 May
    Three Indian American Scientists Among Latest Group of AIAA Fellows
    India West Supriya Banerjee, Parimal H. Kopardekar and Sankaran Mahadevan became AIAA Fellows

    1 May
    Michael D. Packer Elected to Manufacturing Leadership Council
    Manufacturing News Packer is an AIAA Associate Fellow

    27 April
    Three students from Wisdom Lane Middle School win awards in AIAA Long Island essay contest
    Leavittown Public Schools Angelina Pilataxy Erin Alvarez, and Gary Nepravishta won awards

    27 April
    John Elbon to Become ULA Chief Operating Officer Elbon is an executive at Boeing and AIAA member

    27 April
    Aerospace Spotlight Awards Gala to be Held in Washington
    Politico The annual gala for the AIAA will be held on 2 May

    26 April
    Michael Griffin Has a Mandate for Change at DoD
    Defense One Michael Griffin is the new undersecretary of Defense for research and engineering

    22 April
    Space Industry Expresses Support for Bridenstine’s Confirmation AIAA released a statement about Bridenstine's confirmation to the NASA administrator post

    10 April
    Students Prepare for AIAA Design/Build/Fly 2018
    The State Press ASU Air Devils plan to attend the annual competition

    6 April
    AIAA Paper on Marsbees Cited in Vice News Article
    Vice News NASA funds robot bee research project

    5 April
    Army Researchers to Serve in AIAA Leadership Roles
    APG News Dr. Sidra Silton and Dr. Matthew Munson elected to leadership roles

    3 April
    Blended Wing Body Planes Remain Unlikely for Commercial Flight
    Leeham News and Comment The economics of BWB-style planes are hard to justify

    3 April
    HondaJet Innovation Earns Honda Aircraft Prestigious Aerospace Award
    Triad Business Journal Honda Aircraft Co. will receive the 2018 Foundation Award for Excellence from the AIAA

    22 March
    University of Central Florida Receives Software Grant from Siemens AIAA at UCF will have access to software used in industry through the in-kind software grant

    8 March
    MIT Researchers Study Charging Aircraft to Reduce Lightning Strikes
    MIT News The results of the research were published in the AIAA Journal

    7 March
    AIAA Fellow Named to Manufacturing Leadership Council's Board of Governors
    KAIT Michael D. Packer will be serving as the Vice-Chair

    7 March
    Yale Hosts Aerospace Showcase
    Yale SEAS Annual Aeronautica showcase features AIAA-affiliated student group

    2 March
    AIAA Member Named Director of Texas A&M Turbo Lab
    Chemical Processing Eric Petersen is a 10-year veteran of the Turbomachinery Lab

    26 February
    AIAA Fellow Named Dean of Kent State University College of Aeronautics and Engineering Christina Bloebaum is an aerospace engineer

    24 February
    AIAA at Oregon State University Participates in STEM Event
    Corvallis Gazette-Times AIAA at OSU helps bring STEM activities to local community

    23 February
    AIAA Fellow Inducted Into Hagler Institute for Advanced Study
    KBTX James E. Hubbard Jr. will be working alongside students and faculty at Texas A&M University

    19 February
    Engineers in Huntsville Embrace Virtual Reality
    Rocket City Now Members of AIAA in Huntsville are using virtual reality to design spacecrafts

    14 February
    Society Provides Networking, Mentoring for Young Professionals
    The Redstone Rocket AIAA Huntsville goes the extra mile with YP activities

    14 February
    Elkton Lbrary to Host Engineering Event
    KPVI AIAA, Orbital ATK, and Discover E team up to show "Dream Big" film in Delaware

    12 February
    AIAA Associate Fellow Elected to 2018 Wash100
    GovConExec Christopher Jones elected to Wash100 for technical leadership in strengthening enterprise IT infrastructure

    7 February
    AIAA Tennessee Section to Host Distinguished Lecturer
    Herald Chronicle Dr. Rostislav Spektor to speak during Engineers Week Banquet Feb. 22

    5 February
    AIAA at University of Illinois Chicago Featured in Short Film
    Motherboard Rocket engines burning in slow motion captivates YouTube audience

    2 February
    Aurora Executives Inducted into Fellows Class
    Inside NOVA Chief Innovation Officer John Tylko and Chief Operating Officer Matthew Hutchison joined the Class of 2018 AIAA Associate Fellows

    31 January
    Physicist Michael H. Moloney Named New AIP CEO
    WBCB Moloney is an AIAA Senior Member

    30 January
    AIAA Associate Fellow Puneet Singla Named AAS Fellow
    Penn State News Singla is also associate editor for AIAA’s Journal of Guidance, Control and Dynamics

    29 January
    ‘We’re not moving fast enough,’ Air Force Leader Says
    Dayton Daily News Air Force listening tour will stop at AIAA Forum in Cincinatti

    26 January
    AIAA Paper Cited in MIT News Article about the Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative
    MIT News Ariel Ekblaw and Joseph Paradiso wrote an AIAA paper on self-assembling space structures

    25 January
    Experts Discuss Pilotless planes in The Globe and Mail
    The Globe and Mail Public acceptance of pilotless planes is a major hurdle

    24 January
    AIAA Fellow Appointed Acting Dean of Engineering at Yale
    Yale News Mitchell Smooke appointed as acting dean of engineering

    22 January
    University of Virginia Student Recognized on 20 Twenties list
    UVA Today Matthew Asper is researching aircraft icing with Rolls-Royce to prevent ice accretion in turbine engines

    19 January
    AFRL Announces 14 “Listening Sessions" for Science and Technology Review
    Air Force Magazine A listening session will be held at AIAA AVIATION Forum in Atlanta, Georgia

    16 January
    No Official Comment on SR-72 Development Ambiguous wording at AIAA SciTech stokes rumors, but no official comment from the military or Lockheed Martin

    16 January
    America’s Fastest Spy Plane May Be Back—and Hypersonic
    Bloomberg Technology AIAA SciTech Forum fuels talk of SR-71 successor

    15 January
    Boeing Unveils Model of Hypersonic Demonstrator at AIAA SciTech Forum
    Futurism The twin-tail, tapered-wing concept hasn't yet been approved for full-scale development

    14 January
    Boeing Shows Off New Warplane Design at AIAA SciTech Forum
    IB Times The design is meant for speeds over Mach 5

    14 January
    NMSU Retiree Receives Lifetime Aeronautical Achievement Award
    KRWG Erich Klein received a lifetime achievement award from the AIAA

    12 January
    NMSU Retiree Erich Klein Receives Lifetime Aeronautical Achievement Award
    Santa Fe New Mexican Erich Klein received the Otto C. Winzen Lifetime Achievement award

    12 January
    Boeing Attempts to Build off of X-51 Waverider Concept
    Popular Mechanics The aerospace industry is racing to build a hypersonic strike and reconnaisance vehicle

    12 January
    AFRL's Advanced Multi-Junction Solar Cells Deliver High Efficiency, Reduced Costs for Space
    Andrews Gazette The advanced solar cells are undergoing testing and qualification to the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics S-111 standard

    11 January
    Aviation Week Hosts Podcast at AIAA SciTech Forum
    Aviation Week Aviation Week interviews Pratt & Whitney’s Executive Director for Advanced Programs and Technologies James Kenyon at SciTech

    11 January
    AEDC Gearing Up to Host Area High School Students for 2018 National Engineers Week
    Herald Chronicle AIAA Tennessee will be assisting with Engineers Week

    11 January
    Aurora Executives Inducted into AIAA’s 2018 Associate Fellows Class
    Earth Imaging Journal Chief Innovation Officer John Tylko and Chief Operating Officer Matthew Hutchison were inducted as AIAA Associate Fellows

    10 January
    U of T Engineering Student, Alumnus Named to List of Future Aerospace Leaders
    U of T News University of Toronto shines in 20 Twenties

    9 January
    Aviation Week Network Announces 20 Twenties Winners for 2018
    WBOC Aviation Week and AIAA announced the 2018 winners of the 20 Twenties awards

    8 January
    Sikorsky Chief Engineer Talks Future of CH-53K at AIAA SciTech Forum
    Rotor and Wing International The CH-53K will be Sikorsky’s first paperless design

    8 January
    MIT, Johns Hopkins Students Win Top Prize at SmallSat Conference
    Satellite Today Julian Brown and Keaton Stubis were awarded the top prize at the 2017 Conference on Small Satellites

    5 January
    Meet Morgan: Broncos Rookie Cheerleader and Aerospace Engineer
    Before It's News Morgan has presented her work at AIAA conferences

    4 January
    Report Calls for ISS Research Transition Plan and Use of Alternative Platforms AIAA Executive Director Dan Dumbacher quoted